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  • Is an appointment required?
    YES! You can take advantage of our online scheduling right on our website. If you are interested in a same day appointment, please call or text the store 616-224-0056.
  • Will my appointment be private?
    Our fitting rooms are much larger than most other bridal stores in Western Michigan. Your appointment can be as private as you would like, just let your consultant know. There is usually more flexability during the weekday than on the weekend. We do have a raised fashion runway, complete with wall to wall mirrors and lots of lights. Brides usually enjoy showing off their gowns to their guests.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Underwear is required. Nude color works best for trying on white or ivory gowns. If you have photos of gowns that you like, certain styles or fits, feel free to show your bridal consultant when you arrive at your appointment. You can also email us at with any photos you like ahead of time. This will help narrow down which gowns are pulled for your appointment. Make sure to bring a deposit for the dress you will fall in love with. It happens all too often that a dress will go discontinued or someone else will purchase the dress you love, when a deposit hasn't been placed on it.
  • How many guests can I bring?
    We recommended bringing no more than THREE guests with you. Seating is limited and having a bunch of extra opinions often makes the process very confusing and most times ends up being frustrating for the bride. PLEASE call, email or text us to see if we can accommodate additional seating during your time slot. Weekday appointments can typically include larger parties and we do offer after hours private appointments also. Make sure to select PRIVATE APPOINTMENT when scheduling online. If you are unable to find a date and time that works for you online, PLEASE call us and we will see what we can do.
  • Are children allowed at my appointment?
    We do request that children are not brought to your appointment. It can be disruptive to other brides, as well as being a safety hazard for the child and delicate nature of our products. If a child must attend the appointment, they should stay seated with the bridal party at all times. Please.
  • What is required to purchase a dress?
    If you are purchasing off the rack, you have the option to pay for the gown in full and take it with you, or we do offer a lay away program with a down payment. If you are special ordering a gown from a designer, paying in full is recommended. We are able to do monthly payments with a minimum of $500 down. Keep in mind it does take 60% of the gown to be paid for before manufacturing will start, and this can effect the delivery time of your gown if. Bridal gowns typically take a minimum of 4-6 months to arrive and bridesmaids dresses a MINIMUM of 3-5 months. This is after the 60% has been paid on each respective item. We do make recommendations on timelines and try to help each client receive their item at least 2 months before the event to allow time for in-house alterations. If your gown will arrive closer to your wedding date, that will be discussed with you before the order is confirmed. We do have Rush options available as well that can take weeks to months off the timing making it a priority for the designer to complete. This option is almost always available and comes with an extra fee of $40 - $400 depending on factors. We strive to make sure all special order items arrive BEFORE the date of the event, but we are limited to what we can control. If there is a manufacturing or shipping delay with any order, we will do our best to communicate that with the customer as soon as we are able to.
  • Do you only offer bridal gowns?
    Besides award winning bridal gowns, we have multiple lines of bridesmaid dresses, veils, headpieces, slips, jewelry and belts. We also offer a full line of tuxedos and accessories for the men. Bridal gowns typically take 4-6 months to arrive after an order has been placed and after a minimum of 60% of the balance has been paid for. We do our best to make sure all items arrive BEFORE the event date but we are limited to what we can control. If it will be cutting it close, we usually do offer a RUSH service for an additional fee, which will put your items ahead of non-RUSH orders. This can only be added at the time of ordering.
  • What is the gown selection like?
    We offer hundreds of options that are available for ordering in size 0-32. We also carry hundreds of gowns that are considered "off the rack" and can be purchased to take with you that day. We also have multiple designers that we work with, that can create a completely custom gown specifically for you.
  • How expensive are your gowns?
    The simple answer is $1,000 through $3,000. Most orderable gowns range in price from $1,200 through $1,800. Off the rack gowns can be $700 through $2500 and we occasionally have some clearance and sale gowns priced lower. We always ask your budget before pulling gowns for you to try on and respect that budget during your appointment. It is never a good idea to try on something that is outside your budget. All gowns are always NEW and never used. If you can't find something you would like to purchase, there is now the option to RENT! Yes, starting in 2024 we are offering rental gowns. These are new and usually 50% off retail, and we do offer full in house alterations on these.
  • Can I take pictures during the appointment?
    Yes we do allow pictures to be taken and encourage facetime/video chat with any guests who might not have been able to attend the appointment.
  • Do you provide designer/style numbers?
    We only offer designer names and style numbers of our gowns upon request, AFTER a purchase has been made. You will not find our custom gowns online to purchase and we fown upon being used to find your style or fit and then purchase elsewhere. We are a small family owned business and very much appreciate everytime we can help a bride find their dream gown.
  • How long is an appointment?
    A typical bridal appointment will last between one and one and a half hours. If you should need more time to try on gowns, we will be happy to schedule you for a follow up appointment. Weekday appointments may have more flexibility to extend your time to try on gowns.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept most major credit cards, cash and checks for the initial deposit. We also offer tap to pay with apple pay. We do offer at 3% discount when paying cash in full. Personal checks are not accepted for the final payment when picking up your gown. We do offer no credit check, zero interest financing to all our brides after an initial deposit of $500 is placed on orderable gowns.
  • How are bridesmaid orders handled?
    After you find a style or design and color that you like, we can proceed with an order. Professional measurements will be taken at that time and a deposit is required to get the order started. If someone from the bridal party is unable to stop into our store for professional measurements, we cannot be held responsible for any measurements given over the phone. We recommend getting professional measurements from a bridal store wherever the bridesmaid is located that cannot stop into our store. Please keep in mind that 60% of any special ordered item is required to be paid before manufacturing will start. Bridesmaid dresses typically take a good 3-5 months to arrive after that 60% has been met. If there is a delay of any kind we will do our best to communicate that with the wedding party. We always strive to make sure items arrive BEFORE the event date, but we are also limited to what we can personally control. Rushes are sometimes available for an additional $40-$60 per dress. *we cannot give out measurements for tuxedos or bridesmaids, without a order started and deposit placed. If you are looking to just have measurements done, we do offer this service for $25/per person. If an order is placed with a deposit within 30 days, the $25/per person will be applied to the order.
  • Do you offer professional measurements without a purchase?
    We will be happy to provide professional measurements for both bridesmaids and tuxedo rentals, but there is a $25 per person fee. This fee is due before we start measurements. This service works great for local bridesmaids or for men who need to rental tuxedos who might be traveling to another state for the wedding and the bridesmaids dresses and/or tuxedos are being ordered locally there. This fee can be applied to an order if made within 30 days of the measurments and a deposit being placed.
  • What sizes do you have in stock?
    We offer sizes from 0 up through size 32. We have a large selection of plus size gowns in many different styles.
  • Do I tip my consultant?
    Being in the service industry a stylist is generally given gratuity with or without a purchase. It is not required but always appreciated. In general 5-15% of the total is the industry standard. This can be done at the end of your appointment or during the ordering process. Our debit/credit card system will ask you if you would like to leave a tip, so no need for an awkward conversation with your consultant or the receptionist at the end of your appointment.
  • How long will my gown take to arrive?
    All special orders are usually placed immediately following your visit with us. The work on your gown doesn't start until at least 60% of the balance has been paid. All orders are non-cancellable once an order has been placed and a deposit is received. Most special order gowns take a minimum of 4-6 months to arrive but can take up to 8 months. We do offer a rush service with certain designers that can get the time frame down to around 3-5 months. Rush service is an additional charge. While we do make every effort to make sure your gown arrives as early as possible, we ultimately do not have any control over production and delivery times. It is always best to choose your gown early. Bridesmaids dresses typically take 3-5 months to arrive after the order has been placed and after a minimum of 60% of the balance as been paid.
  • After your order arrives, now what?"
    We will always call you once your order has arrived and is ready for pickup. We recommend you schedule an appointment for a gown pickup so a consultant can help you with your gown as well as giving you time to choose additional accessories if needed. If you choose to not try your gown on when picking it up, you are taking full responsiblity for it AS-IS. Please try it on when you pick it up. We do not schedule gown pickups on the weekend.
  • Do you offer alterations?
    YES!! We do offer in-house alterations. Currently provided on Wednesdays and Sundays. Please call our store 616-224-0056 to schedule your alterations appointment. There is a $50 booking fee for this high demand service. This fee is applied towards your alterations total, but it is NON-REFUNDABLE if you do not show up for your appointment. A new booking fee will be required if you miss your appointment. Having the shoes with you that you will be wearing at the event, is a must for alterations. The first alterations appointment will last approximately 45 minutes. There might need to be a couple more shorter appointments after the initial one, and a book fee is not required for those.
  • When purchasing - OFF THE RACK ...
    Should I get my off the rack dress cleaned before my wedding? When buying a dress off the rack it is possible it was never tried on before, as we have so many options. However, it is possible many other brides have tried your dress on and there could be some minor flaws such as make up on the dress or just dust from the floor. We do keep our dresses in best shape possible and if there is a flaw we can fix in the store there will be no charge for this service, as we are happy to make your dress perfect for you. If you wish to have a full cleaning we can help with that too. We are wedding fabric experts and have been handling this for over a decade. We do not recommend regular dry cleaners! You can have your dress fully cleaned, as if no one has ever tried it on before, for only $139. This usually take 1-4 weeks depending on the schedule but we will always work with your timeline as much as possible. If you are having alterations done to your dress, we recommend cleaning it before alterations start.
  • Returns, Exchanges or Deposit Transfers?"
    It is an industry standard that all sales are FINAL. This includes both "off the rack" and special order purchases. Once a deposit/payment is received along with a signed agreement, the sale is final. Any form of deposit is a binding contract in agreement to pay the entire balance that is due, regardless of a change in circumstances. There are no exceptions to this policy. Once the manufacturer receives a special order, immediately following your visit with us, your spot in the process is locked in and putting a stop to the order is not possible.
  • How do I protect/store my wedding gown before the wedding?
    1. Keep your gown in the breathable gown bag provided. 2. Don't store the gown hanging for over 3 months. Its best to store the gown flat, or folded in the bag. Hanging can cause it to stretch or warp as the weight of the gown pulls itself downward. When you do hang it, be sure to use the ribbon loops at the side seams. 3. Do NOT store your gown where there will be extremes in temperature or humidity. Store it safely out of the reach of pets and curious children. If you are looking to possibly store a gown for over 18 months, we do have a service in which we sell you a preservation chest to store the gown in. Then after the wedding, we will clean it for you and preserve the gown in the same chest, crediting you the price you paid for the chest.
  • Do you offer Gown Preservation?
    We do offer multiple options for you to preserve your gown after your big day. Please contact us or mention to your consultant that you are interested in this service and we would be happy to help you out. This can be purchase before or after your big day. A discount is offered when purchasing at the time of ordering your gown.
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