The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

It's normal to feel nervous about your first wedding dress appointment if you've never done it before! Your bridal gown search is just the beginning, but you're also about to take part in a great wedding tradition. This shopping experience will probably be different from anything you've ever done, so knowing what to expect in advance can be helpful.


It's not as hard as you think to be prepared for your first appointment, despite how intimidating it may seem. You can have a great time shopping for your wedding dress. Here are some tips for wedding dress appointment etiquette:



Do: Be on Time

Because we have many bridal appointments every day, it’s SO important that you make sure to be on time for yours. Allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. Think about it this way: if our first appointment of the day starts late, that means that every appointment afterward will start late as well, and that’s not fair to our staff or other brides-to-be coming to the store.



Don’t: Bring Children to Your Appointment

We completely understand that you want to include as many of your loved ones as possible in this experience, but children simply don’t have the attention span for an appointment like this. It can create more of a burden for the stylists and other brides who are having their appointment at the same time. We find that children often get hungry, tired, and cranky about 20 minutes into the appointment, and that just creates a difficult environment altogether. Leave the kids at home and celebrate with them afterward!



Do: Bring Inspiration and Give Your Stylist Feedback

Ultimately, your stylist is only going to be as good as the feedback you offer them! This is definitely an atypical shopping experience, where you don’t have as much control as you typically do when shopping for clothes. We encourage you to bring in photos of gowns you love and please be an open book so your stylist can fully serve you. Make sure you give feedback the entire time so the experience is a positive one!



Don’t: Bring Coffee, Drinks, Snacks, etc.

While we know that it’s tempting to bring these items into the store, we have a lot of very expensive white gowns that can easily stain with one tiny accident! Be mindful of the environment when you come to shop for your wedding dress. We want to keep our gowns in pristine condition for our brides trying them on. Save the treats for after your appointment!



Do: Wear Underwear to Your Appointment

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised! It’s not sanity for brides to go commando underneath our wedding dresses, so please come prepared. And don’t be disappointed if we ask you to purchase a pair of underwear before trying on gowns if you come without any!



Don’t: Pull Dresses From the Rack Yourself

Again, this is unlike any other typical shopping experience! We know that you’re accustomed to looking at garments on the rack and pulling them off to further examine them, but we ask that you speak with a stylist beforehand so she can pull the gown for you. These dresses are a lot heavier than you might think they are; plus, they’re covered with intricate beading that could get caught on other dresses if you aren’t careful.



Do: Have Your Calendar on Hand When Booking Your Appointment

If you’re calling us to schedule your appointment, we ask that you have your calendar on hand along with a list of potential dates and times that work best for you so we can accommodate your needs. If you don’t have your calendar in front of you, this can make scheduling a time-exhaustive experience. Being prepared is always helpful for our team!

We hope that these tips help ease your mind for your bridal shopping experience! If you’re ready to book your appointment, schedule with us now!